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Apple Vs GPL: Apple’s attitude to GPLv3 is making OS X an increasingly shonky UNIX developer system

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I (heart) ccl: Detailed back story of the history and evolution of MCL

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LambdaPi: A bare metal scheme based lispOS for the rPi

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Golden Mean Calipers: Find the patterns in your wallpaper

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St Vincent @ PS14

I already mentioned in passing, St. Vincent, the band-shaped solo project brand thing of the super-engaging Annie Clark, was by far the best act I saw at Primavera Sound 2014. It was also the act I was most looking forward to seeing going in, it’s always nice when those line up.

I guess I’m a super-fan. I first spotted Annie playing with Sufjan Stevens' touring band. I next encountered her playing solo support for the National, touring her first St. Vincent release, upon which occasion I bolted out of the auditorium by the third song, in order to make sure I got a copy of the CD she was plugging from the merch stall before she packed away. I saw another couple of shows in Bristol, with the full band, and bought all the records, including an interesting collaboration with David Byrne.

Last weekend, while idly browsing the Glastonbury live blog, I noticed that they’d just updated their description of the current iPlayer feeds to include St. Vincent streaming on the iPlayer from the park stage. I’d been avoiding the Glastonbury video feeds due to a combination of not being in the mood, and the dullness of the tv schedules, but I wasn’t going to miss out on this, so I whacked it on the TV. True to form, it was a great set, live, risky, and peppered with amusing crowd-surfing and hat theft. Even with a bit of sound problem, and some streaming glitches I enjoyed myself, and was amused to see my enthusiastic tweeting duly included in the Guardian live feed on the next page refresh.

That was a really good set”, I thought to myself, afterwards, “but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the Barcelona one. True, that lacked crowd invasions, and nobody lost a hat, but the lighting, and the sound, and the staging, and the lack of daylight, and the crowd being really into it…A pity there’s no TV-broadcast quality stream of that night archived away somewhere”. 

Yes, I do really talk to myself like that sometimes. Especially when I’m pretending to transcribe my inner voice for a blog.

And then, I ran into this on Youtube.


Full set, multiple cameras, properly mixed sound, pretty good video quality. I have not yet watched it enough times to see if I can see myself ( front of house, stage left, VIP pen ) in the crowd, but I expect I will. 

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NomadKey: keychain wearable USB charging key

2014-07-07 by cms in computers, links

Fish Eating Spiders: Collated observational evidence identifies as many as five families of spiders that regularly hunt and consume fish.

2014-06-19 by cms in links, nature, science

What’s new in Unicode 7.0: Linear A! (and inevitably, lots more emoji)

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Rusty green submarine: official news agency reported the leader “taught” the submarine’s captain a “good method of navigation”.

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St. Vincent Interview: I respect her enormously. Best thing at Primavera Sound 14 by miles.

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