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I was clearing out a box in the office, and a strip of passport-sized photos fell out, with one missing. Here is one of the remaining shots from this strip.


Apparently this is what I looked like, fifteen-plus years ago. I had no idea booth-photos were so indestructable. I think it's because the booth was pre-digital. I subsequently found a few other strips, in the same box which were taken a handful of years later, in a booth that used a digital process; they've blurred, bled, and run quite noticeably

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2 Responses to “Pout”

  1. Dave Hodgkinson Says:

    Sell the treatment to Camera+

  2. cms Says:

    No tweaking:

    Old, slightly battered, photo-me strip, laid face down on IKEA desk.
    White LED keyfob torch laid on same desk at bottom of photo strip, holding the photo still, and uplighting.
    iPhone 3GS (flashless), with standard camera app.
    First shot uploaded :-)