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2013 ioccc winner – Largest Small System Emulator: I am delighted by this.

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Elisp lexical closures are readable forms: Lexical scoping for emacs lisp means doing some unlearning.

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Useless bullshit: jwz doesn’t want to scrobble.

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A year ago today: And then this retweet. What a maroon. 

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Jamming Avoidance Response: The etiquette of being a weakly electric fish.

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19 Years of OPENSTEP: OMG I’m old.

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Comic cover screensaver

I've been using a set of superman covers I scraped from as a screensaver on my Mac for a couple of years. I just dropped them all in a folder, and pointed the built in "slideshow" saver at it. Set to "Shifting Tiles" with 'shuffle slide order' it makes a nice regular grid of comic books that zip in and out regularly.

Last week I had a notion. I dusted off my old Canon LiDE A4 USB scanner, fired up VUEScan and set about scanning a couple of boxes of my own comic book collection. It was a suprisingly therapeutic couple of hours mechanical work to scan a few hundred, and the result is a more pleasingly personalised slideshow, with a larger number of member images. 

After running with it for a couple of days, I'm really pleased with the results. It could do with a little more variety, because I scanned from boxes where the material was alphabetically organised by titles (what am I, some kind of nerd?). Some other observations – the 90s were really dark, both in the stupid post-Watchmen 'gritty heroism' sense, but also more literally in the colour palettes. This is really obvious contrasted against the four poster colour silliness of the classic Super titles I've switched from. Ironic that high grade reproduction technology and digital colouring options, as well as the shift to fully painted illustrations seems to have lead to a more muted spectrum of offerings. Perhaps this says a little about my youthful tastes. Also, what was I thinking sticking with that second run of 'Mage' ("The Hero Defined"). That book was pretty terrible as I recall, and I've certainly got no urge to reread and check my assumptions. I'm leaving them in the set, because it seems dishonest not to. 

I've got another dozen or so boxes to scan. I should do some sums to work out what the storage implications of that represents before I commit to bunging the rest of them on my 256GB SSD though. 

As a side thought, I realised that everpix had diligently uploaded all my scan jpgs, so I can present a public gallery of the work so far for your bemusement.

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Engineering More Addiction: I read this article and kept thinking, is this worse than tobacco marketing?

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Toormina Video: Pat Grant comic about fatherhood.

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Heliotrope: This German rotating building design, was the first building in the world to generate more energy than it consumed.

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