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NeRD: US Navy makes it’s own e-reader for use on submarines

2014-05-13 by cms in links, subs

Deserted: How John B. Winterburn found the lost base camp of T.E. Lawrence

2014-05-11 by cms in history, links

Surprisingly good list: if you’re looking for a reading list of post-80s comics. I’d lose “Preacher”, and “Invisibles”, obv.

2014-05-08 by cms in comics, links

Sodium KillersA story combining serial killers and  Industrial chemistry? The BBC know how to clickbait me.

2014-05-03 by cms in history, links, nature, science

Simply Gum: Hipster organic artisanal gum via a kickstarter.

2014-04-15 by cms in links

ANS: Once upon a time, Apple used to ship some fairly funky, fairly chunky AIX boxes.

2014-04-02 by cms in computers, history, links

Serapeum: is a conservative library of Common Lisp utilities. It is a supplement, not a competitor, to Alexandria.

2014-03-31 by cms in computers, links, programming

30 Years On: BBC News has a nice summary commemorating the closure of Chatham Dockyards

2014-03-31 by cms in history, links

Bup: A highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format

2014-03-30 by cms in computers, links

Numbers Are Important: What Heidi Roizen learned from negotiating with Steve Jobs

2014-03-29 by cms in links