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Nut Roast

This Christmas, we're going to be hosting for a small subset of family. I've volunteered to do the cooking myself. I would like to ensure that Mrs S gets a chance to have a rare day off from domestic catering. I don't really trust myself in a kitchen, so I'm looking to keep things straightforward. Some of the guests are fairly strict vegetarians, and so I've opted to go for that reliable cliché, the Nut Roast. I've never made a nut roast before, at least not one that didn't come from a packet mix. So this evening I've decided to go for a trial run.

I got a recipe from DDG. The one I decided to go for was this Waitrose recipe. I think I was mostly attracted to the notion of mixing in brown rice. Although the recipe is straightforward, there has turned out to be a moderate amount of prep work, and I think I'll need to get as much of that prepared in advance of Christmas day as is plausible.

The final worry is the somewhat temperamental old oven in this rented house. I'm only really used to working with reliable, fan-assisted electric ovens. This one is gas, rather undpredicatable and worn. To date, I've never successfully managed to so much as re-heat oven chips in it.

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3 Responses to “Nut Roast”

  1. Alex B Says:

    Oven thermometer?

  2. cms Says:

    Oven thermometer is a good suggestion. It didn't turn out too badly, for a first effort, as it happened. I did have to adjust the cooking time radically downwards, and it was in danger of drying out. Slightly more confident about the big day now.

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