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Stupid phone tricks

1. Obtain S60 smartphone. I'm quite fond of my Nokia E51

2. Install Python for series 60 on your phone.

3. On a nearby OS X Leopard notebook, setup a new bluetooth serial port, type RS232. ( System preferences -> Bluetooth -> Advanced ). Call it something like 'Bluetooth-console'. Ensure the Mac is paired with the phone.

4. In a terminal, run 'screen /dev/tty.Bluetooth-console'

5. Set your Mac's bluetooth to 'discoverable'

6. Launch the Python application you've just installed on your phone. Select Options -> Bluetooth Console -> Other. Choose your Mac, and then select the Bluetooth-console serial port as the device.

7. Meanwhile, back on the Mac: a python shell will start in your screen session after a small delay.

8. In the python session, "import audio"

9. In the python session, "audio.say('I never realised my phone had a built-in speech synthesizer')"

10. Fall over in astonishment.

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