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A big spread

Over at Eddie Campbell's blog, there's a run of posts springing from the idea of the extended comic-book page spread, that particularly caught my eye. I always enjoy Eddie's writing, whether in it's justly celebrated comic strip form, or in his  wry, thoughtful articles critiquing the medium. This series of articles seems to be loosely orbiting Dave Sim, which is what has provoked me into comment.

One of these days, I always tell myself, I'll write a piece about the peculiar thing that is Cerebus, and how it plumbs in to my life. Or if I wait long enough, perhaps Andrew Rilstone will do a better job of it. Until that day though, finding sensible Cerebus coverage is a rare enough thing, and it's nice to read some well-formed opinions by Mr. Campbell.

This entry was posted on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 08:16 in comics.
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One Response to “A big spread”

  1. Andrew Rilstone Says:

    after issue 300 i said, i will leave it a few years, and then re-read from the beginning, and try to write what i think

    i suppose i have now left it a few years and ought to start