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Useless bullshit: jwz doesn’t want to scrobble.

2013-12-07 by cms in computers, internet,, links, music

A year ago today: And then this retweet. What a maroon. 

2013-12-02 by cms in history,, links

Jamming Avoidance Response: The etiquette of being a weakly electric fish.

2013-12-02 by cms in links

19 Years of OPENSTEP: OMG I’m old.

2013-11-01 by cms in computers, history, links

Engineering More Addiction: I read this article and kept thinking, is this worse than tobacco marketing?

2013-10-19 by cms in cooking, links

Toormina Video: Pat Grant comic about fatherhood.

2013-09-01 by cms in links

Heliotrope: This German rotating building design, was the first building in the world to generate more energy than it consumed.

2013-09-01 by cms in links

Necroplasty: Eleanor Crook brings the dead to life

2013-09-01 by cms in links

Blame The Daily Mail: Adam Curtis in wonderful form on the roots of MI5.

2013-08-09 by cms in history, links

IDW formally announces "The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond": That is one busy cover.

2013-07-20 by cms in comics, links