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Apple Vs GPL: Apple’s attitude to GPLv3 is making OS X an increasingly shonky UNIX developer system

2014-10-12 by cms in computers, history, links

I (heart) ccl: Detailed back story of the history and evolution of MCL

2014-09-05 by cms in computers, history, links, programming

LambdaPi: A bare metal scheme based lispOS for the rPi

2014-07-14 by cms in computers, links, programming

Golden Mean Calipers: Find the patterns in your wallpaper

2014-07-09 by cms in links

NomadKey: keychain wearable USB charging key

2014-07-07 by cms in computers, links

Fish Eating Spiders: Collated observational evidence identifies as many as five families of spiders that regularly hunt and consume fish.

2014-06-19 by cms in links, nature, science

What’s new in Unicode 7.0: Linear A! (and inevitably, lots more emoji)

2014-06-17 by cms in history, links, programming

Rusty green submarine: official news agency reported the leader “taught” the submarine’s captain a “good method of navigation”.

2014-06-17 by cms in links, subs

St. Vincent Interview: I respect her enormously. Best thing at Primavera Sound 14 by miles.

2014-06-15 by cms in links, music

NeRD: US Navy makes it’s own e-reader for use on submarines

2014-05-13 by cms in links, subs