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I'm a rapper with a baby

As usual, is the last site with the news.

The baby finally came. We have a daughter. She's called Ada. I love middle initials, I enjoy my 'M' so much that I thought she might like one too, so she's Ada May. Her birthday is the 23rd of October. She came one day early.

Lots of people have spotted the connection to the proto-programmer and feminist icon, or the programming language that took her name. Truth be told, these are excellent associations, but supplementary; the original inspiration came from a pop song I was very taken with. It's got Sufjan Stevens on piano, you know.


These photos are all taken at the "Woah dude, I've got a baby!" and "troops of admiring relatives"' phases, and are a few weeks old. We're currently at the "Oh bugger, she actually isn't going to sleep for more than 30 minutes in 24 hours" phase, and photo-ops have been pushed far from mind.

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4 Responses to “I'm a rapper with a baby”

  1. Sweet_Melissa Says:

    Congratulations, cms! (Sorry, but I can't help but refer to you by your IMDb username.) She's beautiful, as is her name.

  2. GorgeousOz Says:

    Congrats from me too.

    We have new babies (gorgeous girls) in our family too and I wish you all the best. I love the name.

    Love Goz.

  3. pugmalion1 Says:

    Congrats! Beautiful girl, and you two definitely did a great job picking out a name.

    It's kind of funny how I stumbled across your blog just in time to congratulate you on your post about your wife being pregnant and this one. I guess the old people on IMDb just have uncanny timing when it comes to nostalgia. Both these times I looked up your blog, someone was asking about you.

    Hope you get some sleep soon!

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